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  31st March 2016
Last winter, we started a project to build a new 200cc bike for a young Auckland rider Reade Crookes. It is great to see him progress over the season on some good kit! We are making further plans for this winter so watch out!

May 15th 2013

Well it's been a while guys but I figured no one really wants to hear someone moaning about pain and not being able to do there normal job! Good news is it's nearly time we are back on track (literally!)
I've been having regular physio and chiro treatment over the last few weeks and the progress has been amazing, the last week has seen me go from doing not much to being active and swimming and some pushbike riding. The hope is to have a practice on the bike next week with a view to being back with my team racing on the 26th May. I'd like to thank you all for your patience as no one is more gutted than me about being injured, I look forward to giving you all updates, news and pictures on our regular updates when were back in the groove and winning races!
Thanks JB  

March 18th 2013
After a pretty stressful time last week - everything has finally made it to NZ !! We picked the engines up from the shippers on Sunday morning, and the seats, covers, and some final spares all arrived today!  
Sunday was a long 14 hour stint in the workshop, and pretty much the same again today... the bikes are finally coming together, and I cant wait to start them up tomorrow !  I've attached a picture below with my engines :)  
Huge thanks to Greg Joynt, my right hand man this year at the GP, for giving up his day to help us progress forward. Tomorrow is an early start over at Demon Graphics with Graham Standring, wrapping guards / helmets and finalizing the team shirts.. Huge thanks to Demon for helping us with artwork, and allowing us to take over their premises for a day !  
Don't miss me on the radio tomorrow - Live Sport at 9.30am with Barry Brown, thanks JB

April 2nd 2012
Wow... what a few days !!! I cant explain in words what it feels like to pick up a World Championship point against the 15 best riders in the world...But I think this picture says it all !!!

A huge thanks for your support, without the huge effort of the team and the support of sponsors, none of it would have been possible !!! Back to reality for me, stripping bikes, freighting engines, and on route to England !!

March 30th 2012

Great couple of days... pretty hectic at times... here are a few links from the media...

Press -



TV -


Another 8 hours spent in the workshop tonight after the official practice. Everything seems to have come together finally !! Cant wait for the racing to start now !!

March 28th 2012

Here’s our video clip from today with NZ Herald...


Along with some shots from today's activities, including the billboard, new helmet and all 3 GP Bikes !! Close Up TV filmed today, and the footage is due to go out Friday evening, including an air jacket moment ... Pleased to say it was for TV purposes and not another crash !!

March 27th 2012

Back in New Zealand, and finished building bikes!! Phew… Great to have all the bits I needed, a big thanks to Don at Eurobike, Misty, and Warrick Aldridge. All the final touches have been made, the guards have been wrapped, the helmets finished, the pit boards finalised, another huge thanks to Demon Graphics for all the hard work and effort they have put in over the few weeks. Huge relief - as finally everything is all in the same country!! Tomorrow is crazy and purely dedicated to covering media commitments with The New Zealand Herald, Radio Hauraki, Close Up TV, Ssangyong and Sunday News…

We hope to have some great photos and video footage, and are planning to fire up all 3 GP Bikes for the media at Rosebank Speedway, the local club I am affiliated to in New Zealand. Cycled to Western Springs this afternoon to have a look at the track, pleased to say no niggles hanging around after the crash I had at the Brandonapolis.

The track looks AWESOME!!!! The crew down there have clearly been working flat out, and the result is unbelievable!! Was great to catch up with Chris Holder this afternoon, and show him my bike set up in New Zealand, it has been 5/6 years since we were team mates and Premier League Pairs Winners!! Bring back the Isle Of Wight!! Will keep you posted with some pictures from tomorrow and some feedback from Thursday’s closed practice … Can’t wait to get out there!!

March 19th 2012

Phew !! Another week over, and what a week !! Full of Flu… and not just flu…man flu !! More time in the workshop early in the week, and plenty to be getting on with. The final proofs came through for the bike covers and kevlars – they are very flash… my name is printed clearly on the back for those who simply won’t recognise me !! Successfully managed to get some more track time Wednesday, where we ran all 3 GP Engines. Really pleased with some changes we had made from the first practice, and really happy with the new offset : ) !! Gary, Steve and Dad worked hard as I threw changes at the bikes, and the results were brilliant. It was then a quick sprint to Heathrow, to get the engines on their way to New Zealand.

Thursday’s season opener at Ipswich was not a great meeting, the track was fast and grippy and seemed to catch people out specially so early on in the season. There were delays throughout the meeting from heat 1, with crashes in nearly every heat. Having being victim to some big crashes and some big injuries, it is always horrible to see it happen, and even worse for it to happen in the first meeting of the year. I would like to wish Rye House Captain, Chris Neath and Taylor Poole both a speedy recovery!!

I didn’t get away unscathed and had a spill mid way through the night, and set my air jacket off ..again … it worked brilliantly. Seem to have lost some skin at Ipswich, and would quite like it back as sitting down is not overly comfortable at the minute !! The meeting was scrapped before my final two heats due to the curfew, and sadly we lost. It’s a shame, I felt better and better as the night progressed. Off to the Brandonapolis Friday, all made possible by Phil Crump - who has leant me another engine whilst mine are in transit !! Made a great start in my first race, only to clip a rear wheel, and end up in the fence !!

The bike has had better days, again… another air canister in the jacket… and another new helmet needed. (I think I need a helmet sponsor !!) My ankles pretty sore and its still pretty swollen, and they tell me I’ve done some ligament damage… So I’m now on light duties, physio and rest until the GP !! A few extra touch’s are in work with designers Demon Graphics this week, and I’m eager to see the final master piece !! And yes, the billboards finally go up this week… eek !!

I’d like to thank the Team back in New Zealand, who have continued to work, prep and most importantly organise whilst I am back in the UK. And I would also like to congratulate my mechanic Jamie Moohan on a well earned 2nd place at the North Island Championships at the weekend – Great Work !!

March 12th 2012

Wow! What a week... I landed in the UK on Sunday faced with snow and freezing cold temperatures, not quite what I had in mind!!! No time for jet lag though, as I had to get to grips with my English bike set up, which has already been in build for some weeks now with the help of local speedway enthusiast and mechanic Gary Ball and of course always there and reliable Mick (dad).  

For the 2012 British Speedway season, I am contracted to Rye House Rockets in the Premier League and Coventry Bee’s in the Elite League.  

My new Rye House engine returned from New Zealand promptly Tuesday and was delivered straight to Phil Crump for a service in preparation for track time Friday. I’m also pleased to report two of my three GP Engines were ready and waiting in the workshop!!  

The New Zealand mechanical team prepped Wednesday night with help from Graham Standring (100 NZ Midget Car feature winner) who is in charge of the general running of things whilst I’m back to domestic racing duties in the UK. Preparation seems to be going smoothly in New Zealand, and we have successfully secured new sponsors this week... just in time for Kevlar race suit and Bike Covers to go to print! Phew!   I’m told two 6 meter by 3 meter billboards of me go up at the Washworld sites in the next week... Picturing me alongside all my loyal sponsors... I’m slightly daunted by the size and the audience… I do hope they got my best side!!!  

A big thanks to the team there, Graham Standring, Gareth Williams and right hand man Jamie Moohan... I’d like to add I also love the new toolbox provided for me by Graham Standring... not sure I have enough tools to fill it though!!  

Press and Practice Day – Both club press days landed on the same day, so Friday started badly, and not just because I turned 33...

There was a delay in getting my new bike covers and Rye House suit from the suppliers in Poland, causing a few extra miles to be clocked up in my transit. The two tracks are two hours apart!!  

Pleased to say my Coventry suit did turn up in time, and fits without any alteration over my point 2 air jacket... just enough room for setting off a canister or two!!   A little manic at times, lots of smiling for photographers and desperate bids to try and keep my one set of Kevlar’s clean... Never easily done on a speedway bike!!  

All seemed to come together though as the day progressed and as soon as I got out on track I felt brilliant!!! Successfully managed to test both GP engines at the Coventry track and am really pleased with the result, the bikes handle great and the engines work amazingly!! Wish I’d had engines like these a long time ago!!  

Due to my early start Friday, I missed the delivery of my brand new offset engine... the 3rd engine to complete the GP stable... so of course off went always there and reliable Mick (dad) to fetch her, and she is sat keeping warm in the lounge until I get to try her out next week... I can’t wait!!  

I am due to open the season away at Leicester with the Rockets on March 15th... So I’ll be keen to prove my place in the team!!


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